To Reach the End of the Journey, One Must Take the First Step

Two years ago I came up with the brilliant idea that there were things I wanted to do in my life before I couldn’t. I wasn’t getting any younger, and my bucket list was growing longer. I’ve always thought that a career woman, a wife, and a mother in one person had to be a split personality. Where does one part end, and another begin? And, if I could do anything in life that I wanted, what would it be?


You’ve already learned that my background is music and business, what you don’t know is that I have always been a compulsive reader. I love books – all kinds. But my favorite is romance. Why? I’m a sucker for a happy ending. I also believe one of the great stress relievers of all time is getting lost in the fantasy of a happily ever after. It so seldom happens in real life.

The more I read, the more the devil on my shoulder tickled my ear. “Come on,” he said. “You could write this!”

And so I did.

I bought myself a big notebook and stayed up late penning a charming story about two orphaned sisters, traveling west on a train that forbade single ladies on a journey without male protection. Resourceful though they were, the women acquiesced to the wagon master’s dictates and married. Think about it. Two strangers, thrown together by necessity, and well… you can guess what happened – they fell in love. The story was wonderful: the book was awful. I still have it tucked safely away and hopefully, no one will ever be exposed to the first heroic yet poor first novel.

The point is – I did it. And it’s possible you can too.

Want to try? If you’re feeling bold here is a gift for you. Download the FREE Ten Step to Start Writing Your Book guide.


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